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Sintering of silicon carbide

Use of silicon carbide sintering:

Silicon carbide sintering furnace is a kind of intermittent induction heating furnace, mainly used in hard alloy, powder metallurgy industry in the production of various granularity of tungsten carbide powder, titanium carbide powder, vanadium carbide powder, metal powder and composite metal powder.

Characteristics of silicon carbide sintering furnace:

1, 2300 ℃ high temperature furnace, compatible meet thin, medium and coarse grain WC powder and composite material carbonization heating process;

2, the digital programmable intelligent temperature control system, fully automatic high-precision complete process temperature control temperature, heating system according to the given temperature curve, and can store 20 article 400 different process heating curve;

3. Adopt pure water cooling system;

Digital flow monitoring system is used to automatically convert furnace body with high performance medium frequency contactor;

Comprehensive PLC water, electricity, gas automatic control and protection system;

4, the system of carbide quality is obviously improved, compared with the traditional carbide furnace, has the reaction completely, granularity, combining the advantages of high carbon content, low free carbon content, and high output, good working conditions and long service life;

5. The equipment can be controlled remotely and added automatic function.

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