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Our company is engaged in the development of electric heating furnace application technology, design, research, manufacturing and operation services. It has a group of high-level, experienced industry leading experts and scholars; in electric heating technology, vacuum technology, power supply And electrical control technology and other fields can be thoughtful for customer service. Our company designs and produces products: series vacuum smelting equipment, vacuum heat treatment equipment, vacuum purification equipment, vacuum smelting atomization molding equipment, vacuum sintering equipment, vacuum resistance furnace, vacuum Quick quenching furnace, vacuum induction vapor deposition furnace, vacuum induction high temperature graphitization furnace, vacuum hot pressing sintering, amorphous crucible with thyristor frequency conversion device, electrical automatic control equipment and other various special electric heating equipment.

The equipments produced by our company are widely used in black, non-ferrous metals and other advanced precision alloys, wear-resistant alloys, magnetic materials, smelting of nickel-hydrogen materials, purification of various metals, atomization and milling of metal materials and injection molding, metal materials. Heat treatment and high temperature sintering, industrial ceramic products.

Our company's service targets are mainly scientific research departments, colleges and universities, national defense military enterprises and state-owned and private enterprises that are interested in the research and development and production of high-grade metallurgical materials.

The qualifications obtained are ISO9001 quality management system certification and CE EU certification. At present, the products have been exported to South Korea, North Korea, Vietnam, Turkey and other countries, and are highly praised by domestic and foreign buyers.

Our company's services are:

1. Provide the above-mentioned complete sets of equipment for customers;

2. Accepting commissions to develop and produce new technologies and equipment;

3. Undertake technical transformation of various electric heating equipment, melting equipment, power equipment and electric control equipment;

4. Provide various spare parts for furnaces;

Our company sincerely welcomes friends from all walks of life to visit, inspect, guide and negotiate business.

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